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Vintage Denim

I previously worked as a seamstress in a vintage shop in Toronto. One of my jobs was to cut vintage jeans into jean shorts. I never wanted to throw the cut-off legs away so I kept the ones with the best colours and textures. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

My love of vintage denim knows no bounds. It's the perfect wardrobe staple.

Vintage denim is so soft and full of character from being worn for years and makes the perfect canvas for my cheeky denim on denim pieces.

These pieces have all been intricately hand stitched on vintage denim using only one or two strands of 100% cotton DMC embroidery floss. While I sometimes will add the rare embellishment I prefer to let the character of the vintage denim stand on its own. These pieces are always one of a kind and like a great pair of jeans they'll never go out of style ;)

Thanks for taking an interest in my work,

- C